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We Are Bamboo

Last month I took off for two weeks on a whirlwind adventure through the beautiful country of  Thailand. This time around I did something a little bit different; instead of planning everything on my own, I signed up for a tour that specializes in combining adventure tourism with giving back. I also didn’t have my… Continue reading We Are Bamboo


A Week In New Orleans: Five Itinerary Favorites

1. City Park This charming little retreat was our go-to spot for relaxation. We found ourselves being drawn to the park every chance we had, whether it be after a long morning of touring or if we just had some time to kill between the hours of exploring and drinking our faces off on Bourbon… Continue reading A Week In New Orleans: Five Itinerary Favorites

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Layovers and Losing My Mind

I’m sure by now you all have a pretty good idea of how much I just love airports by the way I talk so pleasantly about them. Just kidding, you know I hate them. But it didn’t start off that way. It’s a new thing for me. I used to actually enjoy flying, in fact,… Continue reading Layovers and Losing My Mind

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Travel Planning

“How on earth do you guys afford to travel like you do?” That is a question that Mike and I are constantly asked by friends and family when they see us take off on vacation each year for a few weeks at a time. And today I’m going to tell you how we do it.… Continue reading Travel Planning

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Where to next?

As January slooowly comes to an end (like, really slowly. I’ve been feeling like it’s February for at least two weeks now), I find myself in an excited frenzy to organize all of our travel plans for the coming year. It’s the most exciting month for us because this is when we sit down and… Continue reading Where to next?

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Travel tips: Beijing

Before taking on China, all of our traveling adventures centered around Europe. We’ve been all over the place. We were naive to assume that because of this, China would be a sinch—we are used to overcoming language barriers, unfamiliar cuisine, odd toiletry systems...easy peasy. We went in thinking, “bring it on, let’s see whatcha got!”… Continue reading Travel tips: Beijing

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A Little Piece of India

This past weekend Mike and I got a chance to visit the Mandir of Robbinsville, New Jersey. A Mandir is a Hindu place of worship, a “haven for spirituality and a place of paramount peace”. The cool thing about it is that this particular Mandir is quartered in what is to be the largest Hindu… Continue reading A Little Piece of India